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01 validation

The Padup Entrepreneurship Bootcamp course is an intensive entrepreneurial journey that unfolds across thirteen weeks.

The Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is designed to overcome all the challenges faced by entrepreneurs while they starting up or at an early stage. This Bootcamp has been created keeping in mind the need of Entrepreneurial Education for budding entrepreneurs and also the needs of the startups i.e for revalidation or pivoting.

The Bootcamp is designed to help entrepreneurs understand the nuances of entrepreneurship as well validate their business idea/proposition through a process that is customer-centric and based on lean startup principles.

The participants will practice applying the learning in real time, through interactive assignments, and live coaching sessions with Padup mentors. The participants will also enjoy virtual interactions with some of today's leading innovators and entrepreneurs.

As we work to develop new ventures from start to finish, the course will culminate into a comprehensive pitch-ready business plan. This is an intensive program for highly motivated individuals and teams who want to put their idea to the test and answer this question: Does this idea have real market potential, and if so, what is it and how can it be pursued.

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02 incubation

Once validated through an intense Bootcamp to uncover flaws and establish do-ability & the technology point of view, Padup’s incubation program helps fix various missing links in entrepreneurial ideas. As the founder progresses and checks items off the list, the mentors review, provide feedback, and track the progress of the founder through the entrepreneurship journey. This would help the startups in particular that do not have yet a strong grip on their product and market.

Padup Incubation Program increases survival rates dramatically with its well-conceived program as it is a unique combination of all aspects of an incubator and an accelerator with a well-defined process.

Padup Ventures is re-defining incubation with it’s a deep mentoring program with a well-defined processes, followed with discipline.

Our strength lies in our wide network of affiliate mentors, leaders from different industry domains with decades of business & management experience waiting to be tapped.

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03 acceleration

acceleration to value creation

Padup aims to accelerate start ups as quickly as possible to be at a market-fit stage. But value creation can also be measured in part by follow-on funding raised, user acquisition, revenue, etc. These are all criteria Padup evaluates in realtime and will continue to evaluate as our start-ups progress through the process. Beyond metrics, one has to fundamentally believe that it is creating value for and with the start-ups.

Padup’s Virtual Acceleration Program supports early to revenue stage, growth-driven companies through education, mentorship, and financing.

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