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Padup Ventures is a knowledge firm that helps entrepreneurs with a structured process to build disruptive & innovative start-ups.

Entrepreneurship education has traditionally limited itself to ‘story telling!’ Padup has developed a customised methodology to help acquire entrepreneurship skills at all levels which is beyond ‘story telling’.

The key elements such as user centric approach, lean Start-up philosophy, learning while doing, models to build innovative solution to real, emerging and futuristic problems, are at the core of teaching entrepreneurship. The process is simple but comprehensive, practical and proven, and has well-defined outcomes.

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Rajat Jain



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“This bootcamp has helped us to formulate our product Encore. This entire expertise was very important to streamline our product, streamline our market, business plan and even our revenue models. Personalised mentoring sessions were really effective and mentors gave us ample time and were available for us. The flow of the program was perfect. Must for aspiring entrepreneurs.”
Priyadarshini Dey, NexConnect Ventures
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