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Comprehensive 360° handholding

Padup’s vision is to be a key player in the startup eco-system by actively supporting young entrepreneurs at various stages in their entrepreneurial journey and significantly impact survival rates positively, thus creating a huge impact in the entrepreneurial space.

Young companies are particularly vulnerable in their early/start-up years. A significantly higher percentage of inexperienced entrepreneurs trying their luck at starting companies means lack of exposure, maturity, resources, experience, network, corporate governance knowledge etc.

Technology start-ups tend to be a group of technology professionals with little business experience. Further, the start-up environment can be significantly more hostile in a developing economy, where services remain inadequate, inaccessible or expensive.

Padup Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is designed to overcome the challenges faced by entrepreneurs while they starting up or are at an early stage. This Bootcamp has been created keeping in mind the need of Entrepreneurial Education for budding entrepreneurs and also  start-ups that need revalidation or pivoting.

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02 educational institutes

An Outside-in Approach

Educational Institutions can play a very critical role in the Indian Start-up Ecosystem wherein they can nurture young minds with the natural instinct of spotting problems and finding solutions, which is vital for initiating a start-up.

Educational Institutions then need to get these start-ups off the ground by providing access to knowledge, initial funds, infrastructure and then connecting them to business/industry.

However, these Educational Institutions struggle to provide all that is needed and hence would benefit from engaging an incubator/accelerator from outside of their faculty/academia. This would provide processes to build, manage, market & sell their start-ups product and services.

While the institutions have the ability to spot the talent and to solve the problems, they need external mentors and coaches for knowledge sharing, fostering innovation and handholding start-ups through their journey to build a sustainable and scalable business.

Are you an educational institution looking to get involved?

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Team Work

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Using 'open innovation' to expedite results

Developing methods to facilitate “open innovation” through an incubator/accelerator takes advantage of the fact that companies which adapt this ideology  can be better off since they cannot always out-think their smaller, nimbler competitors.

Those small companies, however, do not have the resource might of the big-boys. Thus, large companies supporting small company’s innovations with desired resources like seed funding, market access, their distribution channesl and last but not least, by helping the entrepreneurs to shift gears by buying the entire small company – can often be a win-win scenario for both firms.

It makes sense for more and more large companies to outsource their entrepreneurial efforts. They are engaging knowledge firms (such as PadUp Ventures) that conduct in-depth need-finding, identify new opportunities, generate promising ideas, and develop ideas into working prototypes. The client company then refines these concepts and prototypes and takes them to market.

These knowledge firms tend to have a preferred customized methodology for working with their clients, such as user centric approach and data driven analytical models to build innovative solutions to emerging or futuristic problems. Results from these business-to-business collaborations have at times been phenomenally successful as one can observe in case of many corporate incubators.

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Working together

04 technology partners

Investing in disruptive start ups and emerging technology, Padup has amassed a number of partners such as IBM, Amazon web services, Govt. ofIndia etc.

Entrepreneurs can help these big organizations try on a bootstrapping mentality, where there is no time or budget to lose focus. Given the pace of change that threatens established businesses, an incubator/accelerator can become more and more important to create growth options.

This kind of outreach creates goodwill with entrepreneurs while accessing talent, ideas and potential solutions to problem areas which might not seem evident to the companies lost in their organisational structure .In the process, its employees get to work side by side with these entrepreneurs and learn from one another.

For the entrepreneurs, this proves to be an invaluable resource, with unbarred access to the top of the ladder in terms of business solutions and seeing how larger companies tackle problems.

Are you a corporate looking to empower early stage tech start ups?

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05 ecosystem partners

A startup ecosystem is formed by people and various types of organisations in a location interacting as a system to create new startup companies.

These organisations can be further divided into categories like funding organisations, support organisations (like incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces etc.), research organisations and service provider organisations (like legal, financial services etc.).

Padup has partnered with number of such organisations to facilitate startups beyond its Knowledge and Mentoring program. The Padup ecosystem completely short cuts the amount of time one spend looking around for ways to solve your business problems.

Being part of an ecosystem means you can learn from respected industry peers about what works, what tools are out there and learn from any mistakes they have made on their journey.

By leveraging the ecosystem, startups are able to create solutions that suit their unique business needs, by simply plugging the latest technology in from Amazon, IBM, Google, etc, access funds from angel and seed funding organisations like IAN, VInners, Vilgro etc, and network at events organised by organisations like TiE, NASSCOM, Invest India etc.

Leveraging ecosystems and working with all the smart people within them have been critical to startups success as historically, business has at times been treated as a zero sum game. That’s not how the best businesses operate today. They engage with relevant ecosystem partners to deliver more value to customers.

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06 Friends of PadUp (FoP)

Friends of PadUp is group of more than 60 seniorexecutives with rich experience and knowledge in different areas of business,technology, incubation, start-up eco-system and even life in general.

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07 government partners

Great nations of today are thankful to those visionary governments which anticipated megatrends over ultra-long-term time horizons and built ecosystems to systemically encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. Over time those nations have become world leaders in science, trade, and economy. Governments in modern times have realized that it is better to accept change and be on right side of the curve rather than resist it.

For a nation to be world leader it requires broad-based economies and one of the salient features in such economies is the animal spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation, and dare to challenge the status quo. India has witnessed such events in field of IT, Telecoms, and Ecoms .

Padup has partnered with number of such organisations to facilitate startups beyond its Knowledge and Mentoring program. The Padup ecosystem completely short cuts the amount of time one spend looking around for ways to solve your business problems.

With the initial success in above sectors, the government of India has unleashed many programs in collaboration with various incubators to encourage entrepreneurship and promote innovation. It is time for all stakeholders to collaborate with professional mentors and knowledge partners during incubation to facilitate commercialization of inventions and reduce failure rates of start-ups, thereby maximizing returns in longer run.

Therefore to jumpstart innovation for building sustainable and scalable businesses, it would be sound strategy to engage with professional mentors and knowledge partners in incubation process to nurture start-ups and share resources to quickly get them off the ground. This outside-in approach will lead to excellent return on Governments efforts.

Over the years, PadUp has incubated, mentored, and guided many start-ups. PadUp is in a unique position to create meeting grounds for start-ups and corporates and help them leverage their mutual strengths. Corporate can kick start innovation by leveraging on start-ups’ effectual reasoning, and start-ups can rely on much needed resources like seed funding, market access, anchor customers, experienced domain experts and the practice of “management by objectives”.

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