What does a India Farmer need?...AI, ML,IoT,Data Analytics & Robotics...!

By Pankaj Thakar Founder & Chief Mentor @ Padup Ventures- A Incubator/Accelerator knowledge Partner & Startup Mentor & Angel investor
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Digital Marketing and Sales – Lines are Blurring

Traditional Marketing is all aboutInstitution and Process of Communication that creates perceived valuefor customers & clients where customer is King and communication is tocreate need for him with the aim to satisfy his needs by creating products andservices offered. Digital Marketing is about understanding the customers problem byinteracting with them virtually, providing value by offering them solution thruproducts and services offered. DigitalMedia is all about one-to-one customised communication! Hold On! One-on-oneCustomised communication, isn’t that a sales Job? Yes it is and hence I say thelines are blurring between Marketing and Sales in digital World!
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“Past Frequent Flyers”: How to Lose your customer, learn from Airlines!

Airlines remain very indifferent to their customers, specially totheir “past Frequent Fliers”! I say past as all senior executives, who flyfrequently, take a career break every now and then and reduce their flyingfrequency, becoming “past Frequent Flyers” I am not sure how much data analysesairlines indulge into, but in my experience, they are worst at it as all these“past Frequent Flyers” are very upset including me!
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