friends of PadUp


Friends of PadUp was created in 2017 and has been expanding ever since. This is a closed group of more than 90 like-minded senior individuals, and growing, with rich experience and knowledge in different areas of business, government, education, technology, incubation, start-up ecosystem etc. and even life in general.
As the name suggests, it consists of the friends of the PadUp Founders and Investors, who align with the broad mission and values of PadUp. This is an invite only group. It has a combination of investors, mentors, various domain experts and all well-wishers!

nation building

The aim of Friends of PadUp is to support the PadUp’s Mission of Nation Building and Giving Back, in whichever way possible, including angel investments in PadUp mentored startups, or mentoring of PadUp mentee startups, based on individual interest; share cross sector knowledge and experiences across the platform in related subjects, especially the entrepreneurial and startup ecosystem for benefit of the group and the community at large; provide a mutual networking platform to all for personal and professional connections; and enjoy and have fun along the way, in personal interactions!  


WhatsApp group: This is the lifeline of the group for all communications, where all major discussions, startup investment conversations, invitations for interactions, knowledge exchange and discussions continue to happen. It’s a vibrant community with a focused goal, so we stay away from controversies, religion or politics and other jokes or unnecessary social chatter.
Email group: This is primarily for sharing documents, presentations, summaries etc with the FoP community, esp during startup demo days and investor pitches. Also for sending Calendar invites for appointments.
LinkedIn Group: Currently under consideration but will evolve gradually.

interaction plans

Demo days where PadUp curated tech startups will be presented to the group for raising Angel Investments from potential investors. Generally, these startups will be brought here before going somewhere else. You will have the first right of refusal at this stage. Although rather infrequent now, we hope this activity will pick up in the near future and settle down to perhaps once a month.
Bi-Annual interactions across the group to share consolidated PadUp updates (because instant news will get shared on the WA groups anyway) and promote mutual interactions and have some fun, chai and samosa or wine and cheese.
Annual Gala day, ideally physical, in Gurgaon where we can all meet for a 2 hour free flowing networking session


FoP membership is for those who are keen to invest, become early stage Angel Investors in PadUp mentored startups, based on merit.

This is for those FoPs who are interested in mentoring, become Mentors, alongside PadUp, and pick up specific companies to ‘Lead Mentor’ based on mutual discussions (including commercials) and go the full 15-18 months of mentoring

The FoP members bring rich experience and actively engage with other FoP members in different forums from time to time, using the FoP platforms for discussions and knowledge sharing and furtherance of the PadUp mission.

Many of the FoP members direct early stage startups of high quality that may need mentoring, towards PadUp Ventures.

The FoP members are brand ambassadors for PadUp brand.

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