Oxygen4Ever: Doing our bit socially: “Friends of PadUp” in Collaboration with E&H Foundation

June 22, 2022

As the second wave of the deadly  Covid-19 virus swept the country,  people caught in the grips of the  virus suffered. The situation was rife  with an acute shortage of medical  oxygen for the Covid sufferers whose  oxygen saturation plummeted to often dangerous levels. The medical infrastructure was overburdened, and the  ordinary citizens stepped up to the  challenge to plug the gaps in whatever way they could.

PadUp Ventures too has joined the  effort, with its “Friends of PadUp”  group, in collaboration with E&H  Foundation. Friends of PadUp is  group of more than60 senior executives with rich experience and knowledge in different areas of business,  technology, incubation &the start-up  ecosystem. The initiative, named  Oxyge4Ever, is a result of deep  research and intense deliberation.

It has been facilitated over 24* 7efforts of one week, by our own Friends of PadUp community.

Phase-1 involves installing 4Oxygen  Generators Units, capacity of500  LPM, in hospitals, providing lifesaving  oxygen support to approximately  4800 patients in a year. Additional  benefit would be releasing existing  cylinder-based oxygen capacity to  support another 60 beds and 2400  patients.

Total raise in Phase 1: Rs 1.5Cr.

The first Oxygen Generation plant of  167 LPM has been delivered at Tauru CHC, a dedicated Covid facility in Haryana. This is a new facility with 60 beds and caters to over 2.5 lakh population in Mewat Region of Haryana, covering 84 villages with 4sub  centres ! Installing one Oxygen Generators with a total capacity of approx. 170 LPM will provide lifesaving oxygen support to approximately  4800 patients in a year.

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