If your customers ain't sharing, no one is buying!!

Pankaj Thakar
February 1, 2021

In good old days, one would show off its prized possession to people around like neighbors, relatives and even family members to make then envious, jealous or feel inferior. Children would showcase their toys, teenagers would showcase their clothes and adults would showoff their high value items like jewelry etc. etc.. This would inspire others to look into same direction and seriously think of owning those products. Once people started using services, they shared the experience and that made other people wanting to have similar experience. People would talk about their experience at a dinner, hotel, resort etc. and others would get inspired to go thru the same experience. This was called the word of mouth publicity then. People who had good experience, would repeat it for a brand or for a retailer or for a service or for its provider. A happy customer would proudly share their experience about the products & services and hence others were getting inspired/influenced to buy them. Meanwhile, people who shared would go back and buy more! Sounds familiar! That what people do even today except that medium of sharing is changing fast form person to person to online or via social media and word of mouth is now a review. So if their customers don't share about the product and services they consume, it would imply that their satisfaction level is too low for them to share & to tell others. Result, they ain't buying anymore!

Review is all about sharing customers’ experience from various products and services they bought and consumed. A happy customer shall tell people about it, if not to all, they will tell selected friends or may be only to family members. Hence, the product and service providers should be watching customer’s reaction very closely. Every new product sold should get a customer to mention the product online at least once. Hence the marketeers have to focus on getting customers to share their experience irrespective of whether it is good, bad or ugly! Important is to make them react, positively or negatively, doesn’t matter! What matter is that they respond, privately or publicly, as each time a customer respond, its an opportunity to connect, engage and gratify! Since we experienced this everyday, here are some suggested ways to explore these opportunities:

I have experienced this many times and see it happening around me all the time. By focusing on connecting, engaging and gratifying existing customers for their online responses, it makes them feel attended too and that is what you want in a relationship, heard, engaged and taken care of! This keep them interested and sharing with others so as to put it out in open. Others appreciate it and become interested too. So, as they say, sharing in new buying!