10 Start-up Lessons in 2020

Pankaj Thakar
January 18, 2021

1.    "Make lemonade when you get lemons" as by going virtual we all became more efficient and scalable than being Physical or even Phygital

2.    "Recalculate affordable loss periodically" to avoid irrvocable personal financial losses in unforeseen circumstances like Covid 19 pendemic.

3.    "Hold on to the bird in hand" as resources are valuable and difficult to mobilize externally.

4.    "Pilot the plane" as leader of the pack by applying one's own skills, knowledge and experience.

5.    "Action is more important than planning" as action delivered value while planning went for a toss.

6.    "Silver lining in crisis" were Angel Investors as they more forthcoming in crisis than the high-ticket size investors

7.    "Play it by the ear" by not reading more than it exist, like investors predicting world is going to end for startups due to Covid 19.

8.    "Only crying baby gets milk" as help is must and unless one seeks is explicitly by reaching out, it is not forthcoming.

9.    "Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish" by holding on to equity and valuing higher than knowledge and mentoring rather than leveraging it in early stages.  

10. "Sharpen your AXE" by acquiring more knowledge and skills while ensuring self-care and self-maintenance as these would be much needed post Covid 19.